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Character Name: Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovksy
Source Canon: Pacific Rim
Community Tag: Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovksy
HMD: Only if necessary.


Canon Background:

After K-Day and the ruining of Los Angele, the world was beset by the first of many threats to humanity: the Kaiju, colossal alien beasts emerged from a dimension rift in the Marianas Trench to spread destruction wherever they roamed.

The Pan Pacific Defense Corps was formed and created some of the earliest models of giant robot to combat the Kaiju: the Jaegers. Those first generations of Jaeger and their pilots held in awe by the world as symbols of mankind's ability to fight back and win out against the most terrifying of monsters.

All the first generation Jaegers have long been destroyed, their Rangers either killed in action or retired, save for one Jaeger and it's Russian-born crew:

Cherno Alpha, the oldest Jaeger still in existence, and the toughest. It's a walking nuclear reactor with a cooling tower for a head, a sentinel of the Siberian coastline no Kaiju's gotten past.

It's piloted by Alexis and Sasah Kaidonovsky, two stoic Russian giants with a mysterious past, an unwavering contempt for danger, and a cool attitude that helped them survive and outlast younger pilots and newer machines.

They're national heroes in Russia, but many people find them scary in person thanks to their large stature and laconic nature. Still, the Kaidonovskys don't mind the resulting isolation much. They've got a job to do, and it'll end when the last Kaiju croaks or when they go down.

Until then, they might as well save lives and enjoy their own while they can.


Before K-Day, Sasha and Alexis met each other in prison. Not as prisoners, but as guards assigned to the same Supermax complex in the Siberian Wastelands. Bucking the usual stereotype of prison guards, they managed their cell block without resorting to brutality, and bonded over their mutual interest in helping the nicer inmates reform and get out.

Then one of the early Kaiju flattened the complex on it's way to Moscow. Sasha and Alexis emerged from the rubble, made their way back to civilization, and signed up for the PPDC's Ranger program. Their close relationship made for one of the most stable Neural Handshakes on record, and they were fast-tracked for assignment to Russia's then-state of the art Jaeger, Cherno Alpha.

Cherno Alpha was deployed around the globe a few times to deal with sudden Kaiju outbreaks, most often working with the Crimson Typhoon team. Otherwise, it was deployed to the Siberian coastline, patrolling it's lonely stretches, slaying every Kaiju that tried to cross inland for "six long years", as Pentecost put it. The Kaidonovskys have many stories from this time of the people they met, the sights they saw, and the Kaiju they fought.

(Their favorite tales are about a Category-1 Kaiju named 'Driftwood', a crocodile-like beast they describe as the Zandrota (Derpy) Kaiju. According to them, this Kaiju would always horribly fail at destroying things, get pummeled, and then flee back to the ocean.)

Even as the Jaeger program got gutted, Alexis and Sasha remained determined to protect the world's people, especially the 'scum' and 'dregs' of society that are too often condemned and left to die.

Political schemes that screw over poor, third world or 'illegal' populations (like the Wall of Life program in-canon) are one way to make them mad. The other is dissing Ukranian Hard House musics.


Sasha and Alexis are quiet, always seen together, and have the same hair color. Most people view them as a single personality that occupies two body. Most people think that personality's that of a joyless warrior who lives only for bloodshed.

The more you get to know them, the more you realize that beneath the Russian sternness, fur-ruffed pimp coats and golden skull rings…they're pretty much a dorky married couple. Behind the scenes, they argue over what movies to go see or what purchases to make; they try cooking new dishes, fall asleep on the couch together, and inspire each other to live. And as emotionless as they seem, they care a lot about protecting country

Sasha's the more extroverted one, and with a wicked sense of humor. She loves using her reputation as a scary badass to troll people, getting what she wants with a stare and a growl.
Thanks to her stint as a prison guard, she has chums and contacts among the scum of the underworld, from thieves and forgers to smugglers and red light workers.

Alexis is the more reversed one, dour, but polite. He has a bit of an obsession with healthy eating, and doesn't like it when others quarrel, often moving in to break up fights or defuse quarrels that get out of hand. His prison guard experience makes him someone criminals and underworld figures owe favors to: in a pinch he can call in some of those favors to get things, such as...well, a weapon of mass destruction.

They've been married for years but have decided not to have children: after all, their work could kill them at any time. Because of that, they're both gentle around kids and a bit uncomfortable.

After some character development, they decide to turn lemons into lemonade and be good role models for the kids of the world that lack parents of their own (or have crappy ones).

Oh, and they love listening to Ukrainian Hard-House. Both off-duty and in Cherno Alpha. The only things that can break their stoic facade is someone dissing their favorite music: do so at your peril.

Capabilities and Resources:

As PPDC Rangers, they can sync up with the neural interface of Jaegers, have extensive hand-to-hand combat experience, and a solid grounding nuclear physics, neurology, and mechanical engineering.

As ex-police members, they're trained in the russian fighting art of Sambo, and can put you in one mean arm-bar if you cross them.

They also have contacts with international black market rings and smuggling organizations-Kaiju body-part traffickers, weapons dealers, rare metal thieves, the works.

They can hook you up with bootleg merchandise without even trying. In a pinch, they can acquire a thermonuclear warhead.

Unit Name: Cherno Alpha

Unit Description:

The last Mark-1 Jaeger is also paradoxically one of the most powerful ones out there, thanks to it's durability and raw strength. It's got heavy armor-plating and enlarged, over-engineered limbs and joints that allow it to operate for weeks without maintenance and take one hell of a beaten from enemies.

It's weight also makes it the slowest Jaeger on record, built more for holding the line than scouting and pursuit. LIke all Jaegers, it can move and fight underwater.

It's 'Cooling Tower Head' holds both a fission reactor and the fuel sources for it's weapons, and in of itself is a design feature for survivability; most Kaiju try to attack the Jaeger's head or neck. Placing the cockpit in the chest both hides the pilots from a Kaiju's attention and surrounds them with the max amount of armor.

Unfortunately, this makes conventional ejection impossible: as a result, Cherno Alpha's crew must either win or die in every fight.


What few people know is that Cherno Alpha does have an ejection system. It just happens to be mounted in the chest. And shoots the cockpit block forward. Often into whatever enemy's in the way!


"Z14 Fists":

Cherno's chief weapon are simple and primal; fists. Fist that are large, tough, and massive, with dense metal cylinders built into it's palms called "Rolls of Nickels" that boost it's punching power. It's lower arms are equipped with hydraulic pistons that can snap forward at the moment of impact for even more kinetic force…

Suffice to say, Cherno Alpha's won more than a few battles simply by steadily right hooking it's foes to death.

"Tesla Cells":

Cherno Alpha's fists also have built in Tesla Coils that can deliver a point-blank charge of 415 KV into a Kaiju's hide. The Kaidonovsky's often try to box a Kaiju's in it's ears with both fists, then discharge the Tesla Cell for maximum damage and stun.

"Incinerator Turbines":

Cherno Alpha's twin head-mounted projectors can shoot long distances and bath Kaiju in corrosive liquid flames. 'Nuff said.

The Kaidonovskys like to save this weapon for emergencies or the finishing blow. After all, a flaming Kaiju that still has high HP is nobodys friend.

"Feet Spikes":

Not technically a weapon, Cherno Alpha can deploy crampon-like spikes from it's feet that dig into the ground and anchor the Jaeger in place.

When anchored, Cherno Alpha turns its usually detrimental mass and inertia into it's greatest strength, becoming an immovable, impassable obstacle that Kaiju and other beasts can't get past or push over. Cherno Alpha slain many a Kaiju by refusing to give ground, trading blows like a boxer until the enemy falls.

Size: XL
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: No
Favored terrain: Land


PPDC Rangers.

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